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Why Knowing Property Records Is Important Before Real Estate Investments

Property ownership was supposed to be an asset, but the ugly truth is that it has become a liability compared to other asset classes

January 19, 2023

Encumbrance Certificate (Decoding India's Property Documents)

A detailed look at the Encumbrance Certificate, one of the most used documents for getting information of property ownership

January 17, 2023

The Journey of Land Ownership

A step-by-step look at the process of purchasing land that our citizens go through, starting with verifying the land's title all the way to registering the sale deed to making it secure from potential disputes in the future.

January 12, 2023

Problems of a Landowner

Land ownership in India is loaded with problems, many of them related to the title of the land. Landeed takes a look at some of the common issues a land owner or potential buyer may face.

January 7, 2023