Our Vision

Make land transactions as easy and smooth as trading shares

The Problems

Land Problem - Tresspassing on private property
Vijaya is worried that her family land is under the constant threat of encroachment and title dispute because she lives outside India
Land Problem - court cases - plot of land
67% of civil court cases in India are related to land disputes
Land problem - proper documents - land sale deeds
Vaibhav's father passed away and Vaibhav's had no details or sale deeds for his land. The SRO told him it would a month to provide information.
Land problem - encroachment - broken fence
Someone illegally built a grocery shop on Venkat's land and refused to vacate, claiming the land was theirs.
Land problem - old documents not available
Arun needed to sell his land but the only documentation he had available was a partial document from 1972

The Solution



Landeed helps citizens safeguard their property ownership and make informed decisions. We are building a future where these problems are no longer a norm or an expected cost of investment.

Our Advisors and Investors