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Registration Documents

Encumbrance Certificate

Landeed offers an easy and secure way of obtaining your Encumbrance Certificate. Encumbrance Certificate is used as an evidence of clear and marketable title; the property is free from any economic or legal liabilities.

App with EC from Telangana website
Revenue documents

Records of Rights (RoR)

We offer the fastest way to extract your Records of Rights (RoR), an important document maintained by the Revenue Department of states. On our app, one can instantly get access to land's extent, ownership and its classification.

Patta Chitta for Tamil Nadu
Title Verification

Legal Opinion

Get a comprehensive check on a property with just a survey number or document number. No visits to SROs or long wait times. Receive the legal opinion in your inbox within 5 days to know if the title is clean and marketable

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Surprisingly efficient and most useful application.



Easy to use and data is accurate

Lavakusha Naidu.

Andhra Pradesh

yes.very useful tool to get all details sitting at the comfort of home

Paul S

Tamil Nadu

Very fast download of property EC and also showing the most recent transaction.excellent app and reliable

D Sathishkumar

Andhra Pradesh

within minutes of seconds we can view the ec... it's ultimate and time saving

Prabhakar P