Kaveri Online Website for Property Documents in Karnataka
Kaveri Online Website for Property Documents in Karnataka

Understanding the Kaveri Online Portal

The Karnataka state government has digitized property records and made them easily accessible online. These property records are now accessible to anyone via various online portals covering urban and rural areas in Karnataka. 

Of this, the Kaveri 2.0 portal is one of the most popular and useful ones. The website provides document search for Encumbrance Certificates and Sale Deeds. It also allows customers to apply for certified copies of documents that will be useful for buy/sell transactions, getting loans on the property as well as for litigation purposes. Finally, customers can register property documents online seamlessly as well - with the ability to conduct the bulk of the process online. 

Customers can upload all of their documents online, pay government fees and book SRO slots for document signatures easily. 

What is the Kaveri Online Portal?

The Kaveri Online services website is a pioneering digital initiative by the Karnataka government aimed at transforming property-related transactions and document management within the state. This official website plays a pivotal role in the domain of property documents, providing a convenient and efficient way for individuals and businesses to handle various aspects of property ownership and transfer.

New version - Kaveri 2.0

The portal was recently upgraded to a new version called Kaveri 2.0 and the government is in the process of migrating records and features from the old portal to the new one

A Repository of Property Documents

At its core, the Kaveri Online service is a comprehensive repository for property documents, offering an array of services that streamline property transactions, registration, and information access. It is managed and maintained by the Department of Stamps and Registration, Government of Karnataka, and represents a significant leap towards transparency, digitization, and reducing bureaucratic hassles.

One Stop Shop for Property Registrations

From registering property documents, stamp duty calculation to doing a property valuation and booking a slot at registrar office, the Kaveri Online portal is designed to cater to a wide range of property registration needs.

The whole process has been streamlined to an extent where sale deed registrations can be completed with speed requiring a single visit to the SRO for 30 mins where the process used to take an entire day. 

In the subsequent sections, we will delve deeper into the key features, benefits, and functionalities of the Kaveri Online portal

Key Features of the Kaveri Online Services Web Portal

A customer can login to the Kaveri portal with their mobile number. Guest users can only view a dashboard of transactions on the home page that have happened as well as the services offer at a glance.

Kaveri Web Page

There is also a simple tool available to locate sub registrar offices for guest users.

SRO Registration

For registered users, the Kaveri Website has three key features which are available as of now 

Select Option Page

Document Registration

One of the primary functions of the Kaveri online services portal is to facilitate the registration of property-related documents. Users can register various types of property documents, including sale deed, discharge deed, lease agreements, and mortgage deeds, online.

Document Registration Flow
Multi-step Registration Flow

The Kaveri online registration process ensures that property transactions are legally binding and recorded, offering protection to both parties involved. It also helps customers in booking online appointments for registration at the SRO, pay registration charges and the applicable stamp duty, view the challan payment status online by visiting the registrar office. All registrar and sub registrar offices are mandated to use this system for registration data entry and to register sale deeds.

Stamp Duty Payment

The Kaveri online registration process includes the ability to pay the stamp duty registration fee online.

A stamp duty registration fee calculator is available to calculate the applicable stamp duty on the website itself.

As a part of the registration process one can calculate the fee using the registration fee calculator and make the payment online itself before booking online appointments to register the sale deed.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Apply for Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

Encumbrance Certificate

Obtaining an Encumbrance Certificate (Online EC) is essential in property transactions to verify the property's legal status and history of transactions. The online system allows you to search for the encumbrance certificate for both agricultural and non-agricultural properties and view the transaction history on the document. 

The system also allows you to make a certified encumbrance certificate application for any real estate transaction. The system allows you to perform actions like “view document” before submitting the application.

This feature enhances transparency and reduces the time and effort required to procure this crucial document.

Certified Copy Application (CC)

The portal also has a feature to view sale deed copies of transactions that have happened.

Post searching a sale deed, one can also apply for certified copies of these documents.

Various types of deeds like sale deed, discharge deed, release deed, gift deed and other types of deeds that are associated with real estate transactions.

Soon to be added Features

Marriage, Firm Registration and POA Attestation

The government is also planning to add features like Marriage Registration and Firm Registration online through the portal. The portal's home page has options for these features but clicking on these options does not open any new page.

Benefits of Using the Kaveri Online Services Portal:

The Kaveri portal has more or less eliminated the need to visit the registrar office for property documents and transactions. Sitting at home, one can get the encumbrance certificate, sale deed and also do most of the time taking aspects of the registration process easily.  

It also provides additional services like locating sub registrar office, stamp duty calculation, property valuation, comprehensive property information including the ability to view all property details.

Property registration documents can be uploaded online, and property information can be easily shared with the authorities. This only leaves about 10-20% to be completed offline requiring only a single visit of 30 mins to the nearest SRO office to complete the registration.

One can easily see how this portal saves on both money and time. No longer do you need to take a leave to visit the SRO office, all you need is an hour online to complete the entire process online - making every type of property transaction hassle free and transparent.

Conclusion: Future of Real Estate Transactions

Kaveri 2.0 adoption will have a ripple effect on improving bureaucratic processes and bringing down bribery - reducing overall cost for property transactions making them more accessible to everyone!

This also helps the government collect taxes appropriately on transactions and improve infrastructure and processes even more. 

As a citizen you are ultimately helping the state and the country in its progress by using these online portals and services.

We, at Landeed, encourage online adoption of these platforms to get India into the future of real estate transactions.

Landeed = Kaveri on Mobile!

We, at Landeed, are making the document search process even simpler by providing access to Kaveri’s services on a mobile device. In addition we also provide documents from the revenue department saving you the hassle of visiting both SRO and Revenue department offices.

We provide instant Encumbrance Certificate EC, RTC and Akarbandh document search on our app and are working on providing Sale Deeds instantly as well. Apart from this we also assist in applying for certified copies of each of the documents on the app which in most cases get done 2-3 working days.

Apart from this we are also in the process of launching registration services on the app. The entire process from document collection, drafting the sale deed, uploading required information and documents, stamp duty payment and complete assistance at the SRO to complete registration processes will be offered through us.

Download the Landeed app today to experience seamless property and Land transactions for yourself that even the revenue minister doesn't have access to! 

EC Search on the Landeed App

Official Website : https://kaveri.karnataka.gov.in

Bhoomi Website: https://landrecords.karnataka.gov.in

Landeed: https://www.landeed.com/state/karnataka

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