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Karnataka Property Documents

In the diverse and dynamic state of Karnataka, there are several essential property documents to be aware of:

  1. EC (Encumbrance Certificate): In Karnataka, the EC is the first document most people check. It's like a report card for the property, showing any debts or legal claims against it. It's crucial to ensure the land is free from issues before making a purchase.
  2. RTC (Record of Tenancy and Crops): Often used by farmers, the RTC gives a snapshot of a land plot, who owns it, and what crops are being grown. It’s like an ID card for the land, ensuring everything is in order.
  3. Akarbandh: This document is a bit technical but vital. It's a record of the land's exact measurements and boundaries. Think of it as a detailed map, ensuring no confusions regarding property boundaries.
  4. Sale Deed: After any property transaction, this document becomes the official proof. It’s the final agreement between the buyer and seller, confirming the property's sale. It's like a formal receipt of the property transaction.
  5. Official Copy of EC for Karnataka: While the EC provides information about any liabilities on the property, the official copy is a verified version from the government. It’s extra assurance for property buyers, ensuring they have the most accurate and validated information.

In Karnataka, when dealing with property, it's essential to know and understand these documents. They provide a complete picture, from the property's history to its current status, ensuring transparency and clarity in all land-related matters.

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Download EC, RTC, Akarbandh, Sale Deed

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Payment of Property Tax
ou can now effortlessly pay your BBMP Bangalore Property Tax with Landeed
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E-Khata or E-Swathu
E-Khata or E-Swathu is the electronic version of the traditional Khata document in Karnataka.
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Property Tax Receipt
A receipt signifying payment of property taxes in Karnataka
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Survey Map
Digital Survey of a land providing a satellite or normal view of the property along with its boundaries and overall measurements.
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Mutation Record
A Mutation record in Karnataka is a legal document that records the transfer of property ownership.
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Certified Copy of Deed
Official document for property sale/purchase in Karnataka.
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Land record delineating property boundaries in Karnataka.
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Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops in Karnataka detailing land use and ownership.
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Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
Verified extract detailing property transactions in Karnataka since 2004
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EC (Certified Hard Copy)
Digitally Signed Officially Verified Extract indicating Karnataka property transactions and encumbrances since 2004

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