An Essential Guide to Khata Transfer in Karnataka
An Essential Guide to Khata Transfer in Karnataka

If you have registered your property at the Sub-Registrar’s office, congratulations! You have taken the first step to securing your ownership. But it’s not over yet. You still need to take a very important action before you can relax - you need to get a khata transfer for the property.

What is Khata transfer?

A khata is the record of property ownership maintained by the local governing bodies. It contains information about paid and pending property tax payments on the linked entity.  Khata Transfer is the process of changing the name of the owner on the khata.

Why do I need a khata transfer?

Khata transfer is a mandatory process by the government of Karnataka. It is a prerequisite for the property tax to be transferred to the new property owner. Therefore, you cannot start paying the property tax in your name until the khata has been transferred to you.

At the time of the khata transfer, all details of the property including the new owner’s name, identification of the property, khata Number, PID (Property Identification Number), the extent of the property, use of the property, valuation of the property, tax assessed etc are added to the property assessment register, thus creating an official record of your ownership in the local governing body’s records. The khata certificate, a document issued by the Municipality of Panchayat in the form of a certificate asserting that a particular property’s tax records are in the name of the owner/khatedar, is a strong proof of your ownership of the property. It secures your right on it further.

Who processes the khata transfer?

This is where things get a little tricky. The khata records may be maintained by:

  1. CMC (City Municipal Corporation) or TMC (Town Municipal Corporation) for urban properties. For properties that lie in Urban Bengaluru, khata records fall under BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). They are responsible for khata transfer, registration, bifurcaiton and amalgamation as well as property tax.
  2. For properties in rural areas, the respective Panchayat is responsible for everything related to khata and property tax.
  3. The city’s Development Authority is responsible for khata registration and transfer for properties allotted by them or KHB (Karnataka Housing Board). For example, Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is responsible for khata records in Bengaluru

How long is the process?

The Khata transfer process can take anywhere from 30 to 45 days to complete

What is the process of getting a khata transfer?

Each governing body has its own procedure for transfer of a khata to a new owner’s name. Let’s take a look at the process under BBMP.

Documents Required


  1. Create an account on the Sakala portal (BBMP's online portal for Khata related processes)
  2. Select the option for the Online Application Form and add details of the new owner and property. The property information can be found on the sale deed and the property tax receipt
  3. Submit the form. On the next page, select the nature of the transaction
  4. Upload the required documents to the portal
  5. Enter your Aadhaar number. An OTP will be sent to the number linked to the Aadhaar.
  6. Enter the OTP and submit the application. Download the acknowledgement of the submission of the form and note the Sakala application number generated for your records.
  7. Once the documents are verified by the Revenue Officer, you will receive a message to convey that the application has been moved to payment stage.
  8. Use the Sakala application number to make the payment of the BBMP khata transfer fee at your nearest Bangalore One centre. The fee is 2% of the stamp duty paid at the registration of the property.
  9. Once the payment is cleared, the khata transfer will be approved within 2-3 days
  10. After approval, the khata certificate and khata extract can be collected from the BBMP office or downloaded from the Sakala portal.

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