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Telangana Property Documents

In Telangana, there are important papers you need when buying or owning land. Here’s a quick look at them:

  1. Encumbrance Certificate (EC): This is like a report card for the land. It tells you if the land has any problems or owes any money. When people in Telangana want to buy land, they check this certificate first to make sure everything's okay.
  2. Pattadhar Passbook: If you have farmland in Telangana, you get this passbook. It's like an ID for your land. It says who owns the land and how big it is. The cool part? Telangana has made a digital version of this. That means you can download Pattadhar passbook on your computer or phone. It's easy to carry and use.
  3. Sale Deed Certified Copy: Think of this as a receipt. If you buy a piece of land, you get this paper. It proves you own that land.
  4. Market Value: Just like you want to know the price of a toy or phone before buying it, you need to know the price of the land. The government of Telangana tells you how much land costs in different places. This helps people know if they are paying the right amount for the land.
  5. Prohibited Lands: There are some lands in Telangana that people can't sell or buy. These are called "prohibited lands." It's important to know about them so you don’t buy land that you're not supposed to.

So, if you’re in Telangana and thinking about land, these are the papers and details you should know about. Whether you're checking land problems with the Encumbrance Certificate or using the Digital Pattadhar Passbook on your phone, these things help make everything clear and simple.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use market value as my sale price?

Market value is only meant as a guideline value for stamps duty at time of registration. As such, you can sell or buy land at a higher price than the market value, if you wish to.

What are prohibited lands?

Prohibited Lands list (22 A) contains all those lands on which any development is restricted.

On Landeed, you can check prohibited status using District, Mandal, Village and Survey No.

What is Pattadhar Passbook?

The Pattadhar Passbook (or 1B-ROR) is applicable for argicultural and farm lands. It contains information of the extant, khata and mutation history of the agricultural land.

On Landeed, you can download your Pattadhar Passbook using Aadhar number (first 4 digits) and Passbook number.

What is Encumbrance Certificate (EC)?

Encumbrance Certificate or EC, contains a list of all the transactions that have happened on the given property. For each transaction it lists: who is the Executant (person who is selling the property), Claimant (person who is receiving the property) and many more such terms.

The EC is crucial to understand if the flow of title is clear, and if there is any current claim to the property by someone else.

On Landeed, you can download the EC of any property in Telanga instantly, using Survey No, Plot No, Map Location, House/Door No. Don’t know any of these details? Don’t worry, our agent can also help you. Download Landeed and find your EC.

What documents are available on Landeed?

100+ documents from 20+ states are available on Landeed.

Is Landeed free?

Landeed is free for first time users, up to a search limit. After that, you can pay per document or purchase a pack with multiple documents.

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Land Market Value
Land Market Value is declared by the government and is used during the time of purchase, to determine the stamp duty.
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Prohibited Lands
Prohibited Lands list (22 A) contains all those lands on which any development is restricted. You can check prohibited status using District, Mandal, Village and Survey No.
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Encumbrance Certificate
Get a list of all transactions that have happened on the given property. Find out any outstanding mortgages on the property.
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Sale Deed (Certified Copy)
Sale deed is a record of the transaction between buyer and seller. Sale deed contains the price, stamp duty and layout of the given property.
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Pattadhar Passbook (1B-ROR)
Pattadhar Passbook contains details about the Khata No., Extant, and mutation history of an agricultural land.

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