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Download EC, Patta/Chitta, FMB, Guideline Value for Tamil Nadu.

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In Tamil Nadu, known for its temples and rich culture, when you're exploring land or property details, there are some main papers you should get to know:

  1. EC (Encumbrance Certificate): This is like the land's history book. The EC shows if the land has any debts or if there are claims against it. It's super important to check the EC to make sure the land is problem-free before buying it.
  2. Patta/Chitta: Think of this as the land's ID card. This paper tells you who owns the land, how big it is, and its main use, like if it's for farming or building. The Patta/Chitta helps people in Tamil Nadu know all the basics about a piece of land.
  3. FMB (Field Measurement Book): This is the land's map. The FMB shows the exact boundaries and shape of the land, so there's no confusion about where it starts and ends.
  4. Guideline Value for Tamil Nadu: Before buying land, this tells you its average price. It's like checking the price tag before shopping, so you know you're paying the right amount.

In Tamil Nadu, when you're thinking about land or property, these papers help make everything clear. They give you all the info, from the land's history to its price, so there are no surprises.

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Download EC, Patta/Chitta, FMB, Guideline Value

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Combined land ownership and assessment document in Tamil Nadu.
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Field Measurement Book in Tamil Nadu outlining property boundaries.
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Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
Extract detailing property transactions in Tamil Nadu.

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