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In Odisha, known for its rich history and scenic beauty, when you're considering land or property, there are a couple of main papers you should be familiar with:

  1. ROR (Record of Rights): This is like the land's ID card. The ROR tells you about who owns a piece of land, how big it is, and its main purpose, like if it's used for farming or for building a house. In Odisha, before making any land decision, like buying or selling, people first look at the ROR to understand all the important details.
  2. Plot Map: Think of this as a drawing of the land. The plot map shows the boundaries and shape of a piece of land. It helps people see exactly where the land starts and ends, so there's no confusion with neighbors or others.

So, when you're in Odisha and curious about land, these two papers - the ROR and Plot Map - are your starting points. They help make everything clear and simple about any property in the state.

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Record detailing property ownership and rights in Odisha.
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