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Maharashtra Property Documents

In Maharashtra, when you're thinking of buying, selling, or just checking land, there are some important papers you should know about:

  1. 7/12 (Satbara) Extract: This is a key paper in Maharashtra. It's like the land's diary, telling you who owns it, how big it is, and what's being grown if it's farmland.
  2. Ferfar: This is a paper that updates or corrects details in the 7/12 extract. Think of it like fixing mistakes or adding new details to the land's diary.
  3. Search Report: Before buying land, people get this report. It’s like a detective's note, showing the history of the land for the last 30 years.
  4. Property Card: This is like an ID card for buildings in cities. It shows who owns a building or piece of land in urban areas.
  5. Sale Deed: After you buy or sell land, this paper is the final proof. It's like the bill you get after shopping, showing the deal was done.
  6. Old 7/12 and Ferfar: Just like keeping old report cards, these are previous versions of the 7/12 and Ferfar. They help see how things changed over time.
  7. Bhunakasha: This is a detailed map of the land. It’s like a drawing that shows land boundaries clearly.
  8. Guideline Value: Before buying land, this tells you its average price. It's like checking the price tag before shopping.
  9. E-Chawadi: This is Maharashtra's online service where you can see and get all these papers. It's like an online folder where the land's story is stored.

In Maharashtra, when it comes to land or property, these papers make everything clear. They tell the full story, so everyone knows the details and there are no surprises.

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Download 7/12, 8A, Ferfar, EC, Property Card, Sale Deed

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Title Documents
Get all the title documents for a property in Maharashtra
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Maharashtra Land Map
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Sale Deed
Official document for the sale/purchase of property in Maharashtra.
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Search Report
Extract detailing upto 50 years old property transactions in Maharashtra.
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Guideline Value
Document detailing minimum value for property transactions in Maharashtra.
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Property Card
Certificate showing property details in urban areas of Maharashtra.
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Old 7/12 and Ferfar
Previous versions of essential land records and amendments in Maharashtra.
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Amendment record indicating changes in Maharashtra's land records.
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Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
Extract detailing upto 50 years old property transactions in Maharashtra.
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Digital platform in Maharashtra for land and property transactions.
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Essential Maharashtra land record detailing ownership, type, and cultivation.
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Extract from land register in Maharashtra reflecting ownership and other details.

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