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Andhra Pradesh Property Documents

In Andhra Pradesh, dealing with land or property comes with its own set of papers to understand. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Encumbrance Certificate (EC): When buying land, you'd want to know if it has any problems or unpaid dues. This certificate helps with that. It's like a background check for land. Before making a purchase in Andhra Pradesh, it's smart to look at this certificate.
  2. Adangal: For farmers, this is an essential paper. It's a record that shows details about the farm like what crops are grown and how big the plot is. If you farm in Andhra Pradesh, you’d likely have or know about this.
  3. Sale Deed: After buying a property or piece of land, you get this document. Think of it as a formal agreement or proof that you've bought the land. It contains details about the buyer, seller, and the land itself.
  4. FMB (Field Measurement Book): This is a technical document that shows all the measurements of a piece of land. If you've ever seen a map with lots of lines and numbers, that's kind of what the FMB looks like. It's very useful when you want to know the exact boundaries and size of a land plot.

So, in Andhra Pradesh, if you're thinking of land or farming, these are the main documents you should be aware of. They help make sure everything about a property is clear and understood by everyone involved.

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Record of Rights (ROR-1B) has a list of all the current and previous owners of an agricultural property.
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Diagram of plot for property in Andhra Pradesh
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Guideline Value
Market Value as per official AP government database
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Sale Deed (Certified Copy)
Legal document certifying the sale/purchase of property in Andhra Pradesh.
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An official record in Andhra Pradesh detailing agricultural plots, ownership, and crop-related information.
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Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
Extract detailing transactions & encumbrances on a property in Andhra Pradesh.

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