Understanding Gujarat's Property Cards: A Quick Guide
Understanding Gujarat's Property Cards: A Quick Guide

What is a Property Card?

The Gujarat state government gives property cards to all properties in the state. Each card has a unique ID or survey number. In cities, properties get special IDs, and the cards are made by connecting them with digital land records. These cards hold all property info like who owns it and its taxes. They make land ownership easier and property transactions clearer.

Uses of property card in Gujarat

Property cards are super important for landowners in Gujarat because:

  • They confirm who owns the land officially, certified by the Government of Gujarat.
  • They give clear info about who owns what, keeping things transparent.
  • Property cards bring together all the paperwork about land, making it easier for the government to handle.
  • They help stop people from lying about owning land in cities.
  • If there's a fight over land, property cards prove who owns it.
  • They help avoid legal problems about who owns what and where.
  • Also, the Gujarat government uses them to figure out how much property tax you owe.

Information listed on the property card of Gujarat

  • Ownership Details:
    • Names of the property owner(s) and their shares.
  • Property Location:
    • Specifies the location of the land in a specific City survey Ward
  • City Survey Number:
    • Unique ID for the property within the city.
  • Plot Number:
    • Identifier for the specific plot of land. with information of the City Survey ward, City survey Number, and Plot Number the land can be easily identified.
  • Property Area:
    • Size of the property in square feet or meters.
  • Mutation Record:
    • Record of changes in ownership.
  • Encumbrance Details:
    • Information on mortgages, liens, or other legal restrictions.
  • Property Tax Assessments:
    • Details of property tax assessment.
  • Additional Information:
    • Includes details on loans, pending litigations, and taxes.

How can you download your Property Card in the Landeed Application

  • Download and open the Landeed mobile application
  • Search for the Village/Division and select your Village / Division.
  • Provide your Survey No. and press on “Get Document” button.
  • you’ll be taken to the payments page after payment is completed your order will be placed.
  • once the order is placed, you will receive your document digitally on your mobile.


In Gujarat, property cards are super important for property owners and people dealing in real estate. You need them for anything to do with your property, such as getting loans or paying taxes. They give you clear details about your property and keep you safe from land problems. If you're buying, always check to make sure everything looks good on the property card.

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