The Essential Guide to Ferfar Document in Maharashtra
The Essential Guide to Ferfar Document in Maharashtra

In the intricate world of land transactions and property records in Maharashtra, the Ferfar document holds a pivotal role. Essential for anyone involved in land dealings, understanding the Ferfar and how to access it online is crucial. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Ferfar document, its significance, and a step-by-step process for the "Ferfar Online Download," ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Understanding the Ferfar Document

The Ferfar document is an amendment record that updates any changes made to the original land record - the 7/12 extract, in Maharashtra. These changes could involve modifications in ownership, land type, boundaries, or any other aspect recorded in the 7/12 document. The Ferfar is thus an official acknowledgment of any updates or corrections to the land records, ensuring the current status of the land is accurately reflected.

Significance of the Ferfar Document

The Ferfar serves several important functions in land management and transactions:

Accuracy in Records: 

It ensures land records are up-to-date, reflecting any changes in ownership or land use.

Legal Clarity: 

The document provides legal clarity and support in property disputes and sales transactions.

Loan Applications: 

Banks may require updated land records, including the Ferfar, for loan approvals against land.

Ferfar Online Download: A Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing and downloading the Ferfar document online has been streamlined thanks to digital initiatives by the Maharashtra government. Here’s how you can download the Ferfar document online:

Visit the Official Portal: 

Start by visiting the Maharashtra government's official land records website. This portal is designed to facilitate access to various land-related documents, including the Ferfar.

Select Your District: 

Once on the portal, select the district where the property is located. This will direct you to the specific section of the website catering to land records in your district.

Enter Property Details: 

To access the Ferfar document, you'll need to enter specific property details. This typically includes the survey number, village name, and other identification details related to the land.

Search for Ferfar: 

After entering the property details, look for the option to view or download the Ferfar document. This option will allow you to access the updated land record.

Download and Print: 

Once the Ferfar document is displayed, you have the option to download and print a copy for your records. Ensure you review the document for accuracy.

Tips for a Smooth Ferfar Online Download Experience

Ensure Accuracy: 

Double-check the property details you enter to avoid errors in accessing the correct document.

Official Website: 

Always use the official Maharashtra government portal for downloading the Ferfar to ensure you're accessing authentic records.

Update Regularly: 

If you're involved in multiple land transactions, it's wise to regularly check for updates and download the latest Ferfar documents as needed.


The Ferfar document is a critical piece of the puzzle in Maharashtra's land management and property transaction processes. With the availability of "Ferfar Online Download," accessing updated land records has become more convenient than ever, offering transparency and ease for landowners, buyers, and legal professionals. By following the steps outlined above, you can efficiently obtain the Ferfar document online, ensuring your land records are current and accurate. This advancement not o

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