Complete Guide to Property Survey Number
Complete Guide to Property Survey Number

In order to avoid any legal complications, it is crucial for anyone wishing to invest in land in India to know what the survey number of a piece of land is. A land survey number is a special identification number that the state’s revenue department assigns to properties.

This is done in order to keep a record for a variety of uses, such as keeping all the land's relevant information in one location. Land survey numbers also protect owners against deceptive practices.

Let's learn all there is to know about this important, one-of-a-kind number assigned to Indian properties and how to find it.

What is a Survey Number ?

Let's start by explaining what a survey number of land is to you. Each piece of land within a city has a unique number granted to it by the state’s revenue department, known as the land survey number. This is a method of keeping records for taxation. It is a unique number or identity assigned to each parcel of land.

Real estate investors frequently utilize a land survey number to obtain the information they need about a property, such as its size, ownership rights, landform, neighborhood, and location. The land survey number is issued by the state's revenue department. As part of this procedure, the officials carefully examine the land and precisely delineate its borders before assigning it a land survey number.

What is the use of a Survey Number ?

There are several benefits to having accurate knowledge of the correct land survey number. Above all, the land survey number is helpful to the owner of the property, particularly when selling the property. In a similar vein, the land survey number of the property will also be beneficial to the buyer.

  1. A property's land survey number is an ID that contains all the relevant information about the land in addition to being a unique number. For instance, a land survey number can provide information about the type of land, its precise location, its size, and its boundaries.

    With the aid of these distinctive digits, you may also verify other information, such as the identity of the landowners and the neighborhood.
  1. A buyer can avoid any legal problems with the property by being aware of the survey number of the land. Additionally, the land survey number will help you resolve any legal concerns that may arise after you purchase the property.

    Additionally, as the land's owner, you can inquire about the land survey number and get in touch with the local municipal authority/panchayats of the state where the property is located if there is any problem regarding the property. Additionally, it will assist you in avoiding involvement in land fraud.
  1. Should you wish to proceed with any type of development on your land, the land survey number of the property can be a great resource for information. This is true since the land survey number includes the relevant information about the owner of the nearby properties as well as specifics on the boundary demarcation.

    You will be able to plan and contemplate redevelopment on your land intelligently and make well-informed judgments about it thanks to the information source.
  2. Acquiring accurate information regarding the land survey number helps facilitate a seamless land sale process. Furthermore, if the buyer is in possession of all the information required regarding the property, they can proceed with the conversion or make the required modifications.

How is the Survey Number obtained?

Obtaining a land survey number is not a challenging process. The procedure is simple and doesn't require many steps. Typically, the sale deed agreement includes the land survey number. You must inquire with the seller if the unique number is missing from the selling deed, though.

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Here is the list of states with the links to their respective land survey number portals:


Real estate regulations do not control the sale or acquisition of properties, which is one of the main arguments in favor of doing that. Nonetheless, you can lower your chance of becoming a victim of fraud by making an investment in a property that is registered with the RERA. Second, make sure you thoroughly inspect the land specifics with the aid of land survey numbers before purchasing a property.

Cross-checking the property's unique number with the local government will also prove to be advantageous. By taking this action, you will guarantee that you will never again encounter legal problems.

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