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*Applicable to AP, TS, TN, MH, KA, UP and WB

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Why Landeed?

Existing processes for obtaining property details and conducting due diligence often involve looking through different government departments and waiting long periods to receive documents. Our app enables users to search property titles 10x faster than existing processes.

Landeed simplifies the multiple search methods across states into an intuitive and fluid experience. It collects all the data that is required by a land owner or buyer to ensure everything is in order with a particular property

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So we can help more land owners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Encumbrance Certificate or EC?

An Encumbrance certificate is one of the most important documents for any transactions to happen on your land. It contains the key summaries of all registered transactions on a property.  An EC assists to establish that there are no encumbrances for transactions on the property, and the ownership of the property is clear and marketable. It is a required document for nearly all property-related transactions such as sales and loans.

I can't see my state in the Landeed app. Will you be launching there?

We are in the process of launching all states and union territories very soon. Please drop us an email with the state you want to check so that we can notify you at its launch. 

I am an NRI. Why can I not login with my international number?

Our tech team is in the process of adding this feature. For any urgent queries, please email us.

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